eaton Lysbuevern, 2 p c40a, 30ma afdd-40/2/c/003-li/a

Lysbuevern, 2 P C40A, 30mA AFDD-40/2/C/003-LI/A

Product number
Jordfeilautomat med lysbuevern. AFDD detekterer og kobler ut ved serielysbue, parallellysbue og lysbue til jord. OL = I2 1,3 spesielt tilpasset boliginstallasjoner. LI/A = tidsforsinket 10 ms. OBS! Tre moduler bredde. Samleskinne elnr: 1601457 (EVG-2PHAS/4AFDD)
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Basic information
Technical specifications
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Manufacturer part numberY7-187241
Vendor material number1601456
Package measurements (L x W x H)80 x 52.5 x 73 mm
Package volume0.307 l
Package weight0.277 kg
Package units1
Usage quantity
Additional equipment attached at deliveryFire protection switch
Built-in depth67 mm
Concurrently switching N-neutralfalse
Control voltage type auxiliary equipmentAC
Current limiting class3
Degree of protection (IP)IP20
Frequency50 Hz
Leakage current typeA
Number of poles2
Over voltage category3
Pollution degree2
Rated current13 A
Rated fault current0.01 A
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity IEC 60947-20 kA
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity according to EN 6100910 kA
Rated switch current auxiliary device0 A
Rated voltage230 V
Rated voltage auxiliary device230 V
Release characteristicC
Width in number of modular spacings3
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